Friday, October 17, 2008

Memoradum of another life

The journey begins...
Sacred soul- Paris

Lonely sea- Eforie Sud

Invitation to light -Campulung

A quiet mind - Campulung, Voina

Nature portrait - Tamina

Behold the world you have created - Tamina

And I saw you in the sky - Tamina

Follow me - Tamina

A passage to myself - Tamina

Invisible signs - Tamina

Take a moment - Bucuresti @ the office

You can climb a latter up to the sun - Bucuresti @ the office

Broken paradise - Campulung

Shivers of sound - Campulung

Drown in me, a little closer... in your mind - Campulung

On the edge of reality - Campulung

Time Revolution

Simbols of fate

The roots of freedom

The heart of the dove

Empty Square - Sibiu

Going under - Paris

Explosion of collor - Neajlov

Angel of the sun - Neajlov

Eden - Neajlov

Autumn escape - Poiana Brasov

It's raining light - Predeal

Dancing with strangers in dark rooms

Frozen soul - Valea Prahovei

Morning brakes on the highway

Finding eachother - Vama Veche

Inlove with isolation

Blind passenger


Yashodhara said...

I loved the "heart of a dove".

Anonymous said...

nice shots...

David said...

trifoiul ala se e comestibila, "simbolul credintei"

The Kid In The Front Row said...

some great images!